What Apple Could Work On for iOS 7

12 Jul

Apple has dominated the smartphone manufacturing business ever since the first iPhone was introduced in the market in 2007. With it is the line up of mobile accessories like the 30-pin doc, lightning connectors, earphones, and other tablet accessories like the Smart case, sleeves, etc. But besides the hardware itself, what catches the limelight is the operating system in which the hardware is running on.               

The iOS have been subject to a couple of debates and arguments of whether it is the best OS in the world, or maybe Android or even Windows can steal the throne. Personally, I have always been a fan of the iOS, but that doesn’t mean that I deem it as perfect. There are flaws here and there that need to be looked upon. Here are my thoughts on what Apple should work on in improving the iOS 7.

  • Interface

The iOS interface hasn’t really changed since the first iPhone came to view in 2007. I get the point that they want their users to have that sense of familiarity, but maybe this time, it’s not working anymore. I think this is the perfect time to overhaul the interface and make it more flexible and modernized. Indeed, aesthetics may be the least important detail to change, but I believe that it’s still worth a shot.

  • A new top tools screen

I think the most annoying thing about iOS is the fact that you have to dig deeper in the menus before you can perform the simplest commands and modifications for your iPhone. I think having an interface button or perhaps a slide out menu can really help to keep these important commands more accessible to the user. It could also be nicer if this button or menu is customizable, so you can add or remove buttons all you want.

  • Local sharing button

Indeed, all iPhone users had been salivating over Samsung’s tap to send features like NFC. I think Apple should come up with the same feature so that data transfer can be as easy as pie.

  • Notes

That yellow page that we call Notes should also have its own set of improvements. It would really be great if you can actually drag images, edit them there, and have fun scribbling all you want. This can be a long shot, but Notes can serve a greater purpose if you can actually share it with somebody.

  • Widgets

What I’m really jealous about Android users is their widgets. Initially, I thought that they were not really that much of use, but thinking back, with proper use, widgets can work wonders.


Besides its fancy features, USB chargers, and other accessories, Apple should definitely consider making adjustments for the next iOS.


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